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In Taizhou, Zhejiang, there is a region with high terrain in the east and low in the west. The mold industry is developed and is known as the hometown of molds. An enterprise Taizhou Huangyan Anye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. stands in Huangyan, where high-tech development is fast. The company is China Household Injection Mould Suppliers and Custom Household Injection Mould Company, which has a professional design team, focusing on product quality, daily necessities molds, turnover box molds, SMC mold tray molds, pipe fittings molds, electronic product molds, etc. The company has always focused on product goals, customer-centric and quality-oriented development. He has many years of production experience in mold manufacturing, design and development.

1. 20 years of mold manufacturing experience
Specializing in the design and manufacture of large and medium-sized injection molds, with a certain level of research and manufacturing for car lamp molds, automotive interior parts molds and other plastic molds, and timely delivery to provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality and competitive mold products

2. Strict quality control
Aiming at the various checks in the mold manufacturing process, the company has established a complete CAD/CAM and CAE system to realize the integration process of reverse modeling, runner analysis, and mold design. The company's mold structure is reasonable, with high dimensional accuracy, good molding performance and long life.

3. Advanced processing equipment
With strong production strength and fast delivery, we have advanced processing equipment such as CNC and EDM. The mold products cover injection molds for automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, daily necessities, etc., tailored to customer requirements and product characteristics! ! !

4. A good after-sales service
Customer trust is our value. Mold products have a long-term after-sales warranty period to ensure that customers have no worries after-sales, quickly analyze the reasons, and quickly assign a dedicated person to the site quickly

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Household Injection Mould:Making Life Easier, Safer, and More Beautiful
Have you ever wondered how the plastic products in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are made? The answer lies in household injection mould, a manufacturing process that has revolutionized the way we live.
What is Household Injection Mould?
Household injection mould is a process of manufacturing plastic products by injecting molten plastic into a mould cavity. The mould is usually made of steel or aluminum and is designed according to the product’s shape and size. Once the molten plastic is injected into the mould, it cools and solidifies into the desired shape, which is then ejected from the mould.
How Does Household Injection Mould Work?
The process of household injection mould can be broken down into several steps. First, the plastic resin pellets are fed into a hopper and melted by a heating element. The melted plastic is then injected into the mould cavity by a screw or plunger. Pressure is applied to ensure that the plastic fills the entire cavity and forms a solid part. Once the plastic cools and solidifies, the mould is opened and the part is ejected. The cycle then repeats.
What Are the Benefits of Household Injection Mould?
There are several benefits to using household injection mould in manufacturing plastic products. First, it allows for a high degree of precision and consistency in the production process. This means that the products are of a high quality and meet strict standards. Second, it is a cost-effective method of manufacturing as it allows for large-scale production. Third, it is a versatile process that can be used to make a wide variety of products, from plastic containers to decorative objects.