Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold Manufacturers

Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold
  • Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold
  • Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold
  • Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold

Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold

    Name: Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold

    Brand Name: Anye

    Place of Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

    Mold type: injection mold, small, medium, large mold

    Mould material: S136, P20, 718H, 2738, NAK80, 1.2311, etc.

    Number of cavities: 1+1, 1+2+1, 2+2, 4+4, single or multiple

    Cycle time: 10-30 seconds

    Injection molding machine weight: 90-1000 tons

    Die life: 300k-1000k

    Shrinkage: According to material

    Product material: PE, PP, HDPE, PPR, PVC, PP, PS, PET, ABS, PC, etc.

    Injection Type: Hot Runner

    Number of drops: cold runner, hot runner, sequential injection

    Gate point: edge gate, pin gate, sub gate, fan gate, Bayer

    Ejector: round ejector

    Slider: outer slider, inner slider, lifter

    Surface Finish: High Tech Polished, High Gloss, Textured, VDI 3400

    Mold heat treatment: tempering, quenching, nitriding

    Main processing equipment: Sodick, Seiki, CNC, high-speed engraving, EDM, wire cutting, drill


    Packaging and Shipping
    Molded parts

    Inner packing: according to customer requirements
    Otto packaging: according to customer requirements

    Plastic mold
    Inner packing: packed in packaging bag
    Outer packing: wooden pallet
    Our packaging is sturdy enough for sea, inland and air transport, as per customer requirements

    Our service
    1. Competitive price.
    2. Ongoing service and support.
    3. Diverse and experienced skilled workers.
    4. Customized R&D project coordination.
    5. Apply expertise.
    6. Reliable quality and long product life.
    7. Mature, perfect, excellent, but simple in design.
    8. Good after-sales service
    9. On time delivery

    Payment terms
    Shipping port: Ningbo, China
    T1 (first detection) sample: about 25 days
    Payment method: Telegraphic transfer 30% deposit, balance payable before shipment, L/C, Western Union, Huitong, etc.
    In the FAQ column, delete the last two paragraphs below "If the project is approved, we require an initial investment of 50% of the mold cost to cover the cost of materials and then start construction."
    After the mold is completed, we will produce a batch of sample parts from the mold, which are included in the mold price, and when the parts are approved, the remaining 50% of the mold will be invoiced for a net 30%."
    1. What is injection molding?
    Injection molding starts with small particles that are compounded to meet certain physical properties. These pellets are then dried and fed into a hopper, which allows the plastic to enter the machine's feed port by gravity.
    The machine then melts the plastic in a heated barrel and injects it from the barrel into the mold cavity under high pressure.
    The injected plastic quickly fills the cavity (or cavities) and then cools while the machine fills the barrel for the next cycle.
    As the plastic cools, it turns back to solid. After a certain period of time, the mold opens to expose the part, and the hydraulic ejector pushes the part out of the cavity.
    2. How do I know if injection molding is suitable for my product?
    If you need high throughput (1000 or more per year), low part cost and product repeatability, injection molding is likely what you want.
    There are also geometric considerations for injection molded parts. For example, you can't injection mold a blow-molded bottle, nor can you injection mold long profiles, such as window frames or pipes. Those are extruded.
    3. What is the typical process for a new project?
    It usually starts with CAD files, drawings (from full-scale computer-generated drawings to pencil napkins) or prototypes.
    We then collect the data needed for an injection molding quote and any material requirements you may have, which can be found on our quote request page, or through our interview process.
    Once we have all the information we need, we will complete your quote.
    If the project is approved, we require an initial investment of 50% of the tooling cost to cover the material cost and then start construction.
    After-sales service
    If you have any questions, please contact our team
    Phone: +86 13326060701 
    Motorcycle Parts Injection Mold
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    Company Profile

    Taizhou Huangyan Anye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is professional China Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold Manufacturers and Wholesale Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Shell Injection Mold Factory. There is a professional design team, focusing on product quality, daily necessities molds, turnover box molds, SMC mold tray molds, pipe fittings molds, electronic product molds, etc. The company has always focused on product goals, customer-centric and quality-oriented development. He has many years of production experience in mold manufacturing, design and development. The main products are auto parts mold design, development and production. The mold development department, product development design department and mold maintenance department can independently develop and design from molds to finished products.

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